Hebei Jiake Welding Equipment Co., Ltd., selling not only products, service is our key concept, our first thought of every step is for the customer, our R & D team, technical production team, the leadership team are all standing in the customer's position to focus on market research, design, production equipment. Provide customers with the highest quality wire mesh equipment and services, your needs is our motivation! 

Our company has a sound service system, from customer requirements gathering, pre-sales technical consulting, installation and commissioning in sales, and after sales maintenance of equipment. All of service system only for your satisfaction,

A: Pre-sales Services: plant layout design, technical consulting, feasibility studies, cost and ROI analysis;
Our services team take user needs as a starting point, carefully study the user requirements, to provide free technical advice, selection. According to customer's individual needs, make modified design of special components to achieved special functions. Every equipment are based on each customer's requirements, considering if customer's plant layout is scientific, production process is rigorous, the equipment is placed in place, and the future market prospects of the products, so that according to the customer's specific situation to provide special designed equipment for every customers.
B: Sales Services: installation and commissioning, operator training, electrician and mechanic training;
1. Equipment installation and commissioning: assist and guide customer coordinate the equipment layout according to the actual situation, make reasonable arrangements for the overall planning of the installation location. Assigned technician to provide equipment installation, operation, ancillary facilities, production, repair, maintenance services and answer the relevant questions.
2. Training operation and maintenance personnel: our company will provide training of the operation and maintenance personnel according to customer’s requirement.
a):The User (Buyer) can send their operation and maintenance personnel to our factory for learning and training;
b):When Jiake is doing the installation and commissioning the equipments for the buyer, the buyer can send their personnel to participate.
C: After-Sale Service: supply spare parts and provide after-sale services
1. Supply of spare parts: keep records for each customer, provide long-term supply of spare parts, and send it to customers hand with the fastest speed according to customers requirement.
2. Unexpected emergency repair service: One the equipment have malfunction, and the user unable to rule out, we will arrange technician to the user factory in the soonest time, solve the trouble and resume production in time;

Our Company will keep up with the times, constantly developing new technologies, new products, and actively improve the practical problems through the customer feedback to continuously improve the quality of products and services, improve existing products, structure, performance and quality to meet the the needs of users. When a product replacement, a significant improvement, the company will provide users with timely information. According to user requirements, assist in product design and installation of system upgrades. Provision of equipment modified to meet user requirements. Company will be serious and responsible attitude. To provide quality after-sales service, normal production for the user to provide a strong protection.